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West Virginia Senate District 14


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"West Virginia ranks among the most distressed states in child poverty and median incomes, in poplulation loss and in working-age adults out of the labor force. Econimists and local community leaders agree that the federal government has done a poor job helping to lift up such places." New York Times - February 8, 2021

Our State doesn't have to be known for these issues or the punch line of jokes. We have ways to improve our region! We dream of broadband, vast cleanup efforts, greater aid to community lenders who operate where traditional banks won't, more resources for high-quality housing and infrastructure. Vote Keplinger for Senator on May 10th to make these dreams our reality.

West Virginia has many great attributes - but its greatest is its citizens. We have some of the most talented and resourceful individuals, who are always willing to lend a helping hand. In the works of President Kennedy. "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." I am here to support the citizens of the state of West Virginia and plant the right seed for the future!

There is no problem that we cannot overcome and we must have good leadership! I am that man who can provide this leadership. This is why I am asking for you to elect me as your next Senator. I love West Virginia and its people and want us to be successful. Together we are West Virginia Strong!


Please Vote Wm. J.R. Keplinger for State Senate District 14


**  Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 10th 2022 **